Meeting Recap: July 11th, 2022

July 18, 2022 by Elio Grieco

Thank you to everyone who attended our July 11th meeting both in person and virtually.

We're still fine tuning the AV setup as it's not nearly up to standard. The audio quality in particular, leaves a lot to be desired.

The next meeting will be in a different, larger room near the "front" of the college, closer to abundant parking and with multiple entrances on the outside of the building. We will be testing a new audio setup in this room before the next meeting so we can start delivering professional quality audio, or at least much closer to it.

Next Meeting

August 1st

Topic: TBD, still trying to align possible guests with current trends in security and the broader world.

If you have thoughts for what you would like to see, submit them via the Contact us page, or respond to the upcoming topics email (maybe survey).

Thank you to

  • Gavin Klondike: For sharing his razor sharp analysis of these issues and his ability to cut straight to the core of complex issues without oversimplifying. Also for his tenacity in keeping terms defined and conversations on track, on stage and off.
  • Bill Lombardi: For his continuing guidance on ML/AI issues based on his work in these fields, and his willingness to always help explain the impact, importance, and urgency of addressing these issues to the public, legislators, and executives.

Special thanks to

  • John: For running the Zoom meeting, managing CPE credits, and continued mentorship.
  • Rich: For his continued battles to wrangle and improve the audio quality on our streams, and all the behind the scenes work he does in the AZ cybersecurity community.
  • Wyatt: For hosting us at Gateway and managing venue logistics and additional AV equipment.
  • Prasad and Landon: For helping with little odds and ends to keep the group running, and their continuing desire to get more involved.

Community Engagement and Volunteers

While we have a great team, there's no such thing as too much help. We're always looking at ways to continue to improve and expand SWCSF.

Contact us if you are interested in helping continue to grow SWCSF and the greater Arizona Cybersecurity Community.

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