Presentations on Intel AMT and NGFW Next Generation Firewalls

May 05, 2019 by John Nash

Presentation 1: Security Implications of Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT)

Presented by Gorden Bader, CISSP

Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) is hardware and firmware technology for remote out-of-band management of personal computers, running on the Intel Management Engine, a separate microprocessor not exposed to the user, in order to monitor, maintain, update, upgrade, and repair them.

Presentation 2: Review of Modern Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

by John Nash, VP of Technology, Phreedom Technologies

John R. Nash, VP of Technology, LLC

John Nash of Phreedom Technologies presents a feature round up of modern perimeter firewalls. There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions, even among security professionals about what modern firewalls do.  Even the terms Next Generation, NGFW or 4th Generation Firewall which are commonly thrown around by vendors can be confusing and misleading.  John breaks down the features of a sampling of the the leading firewall vendors giving you a clear picture of what the proper role of a perimeter firewall plays in your organization and how it ties into your overalls security strategy. This is tailored to professionals at every stage in their career.

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