CPE Credits and Website Updates

June 09, 2022 by Elio Grieco

CPE Credits

While the June meeting was a success overall, there were a few technical and procedural issues that we'll be improving for future meetings.

One of those issues was related to receiving CPE credits for meetings. The CPE certificate needed to be updated given the new venue. Everything is now up to date. Please let us know if you have any issues.

In the future (likely fall or winter) we'll be switching to opt-in tracking software that will auto-generate your attendance certificate. If you've been to the science track of Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly ComiCon) you may already be familiar with scanning QR codes or texting session codes for tracking of professional development hours.

We'll announce any changes before they take effect, and also provide a bit of overlap between the two systems to ensure that no CPE credit is missed.

Website Migration

Moving a website to a new technology is complex...

The old SWCSF site was hosted on WordPress, which has been the "obvious" choice for websites for decades now in spite of its numerous security issues. Even with the rise of more compelling technologies, WordPress has only recently seen a decline in market share.

As SWCSF is a cybersecurity group, we aim to lead the way when it comes to correctly built, secure, and performant technologies. Thus we have moved from WordPress to a static website generated by Zola and hosted on KeyCDN. This means that not only is the attack surface of the site significantly reduced, but depending on where you are when you load the site, it should load near instantly from the closest global Point of Presence:

KeyCDN Points of Presence

Moving all of the content was achieved via a custom script. While most of the data was correctly transferred, there are a few areas that need human attention. We'll be going back through all of the pages and fixing these using a combination of automated tooling like lychee, Hunspell, and a bit of manual review.

Report errors

If you see any errors or other issues with the website, please let us know.

Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.

– Eric S. Raymond (Linus' Law)

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